issue 1

by Tang Kar Wai

So Wad is put together by the Dreamcatchers, our NUH peer group formed by adolescents with different forms of chronic illnesses, all of which ranges in severity. These include spina bifida, end- stage renal failure, liver transplant, diabetes, congenital heart diseases and more. These chronic conditions can’t be “cured” and our kids often have to live with the symptoms or side-effects of the treatment for the rest of their lives.

Living with a chronic illness is definitely no easy feat! However, you’ll discover as you read on in this newsletter that these conditions are not dis-abling and that our patients can and have gone on to achieve so much more! We’re proud for the newsletter to serve as a living testimony of our adolescents’ extraordinary spirit, talents and achievements and for it to capture the snapshots of our adolescents’ life as they grow with and through the chronic illnesses!

In this special issue, we are featuring Project Dreamcatchers, an arts exhibition as a public outreach effort by our youths to send across the message that childhood chronic illnesses are not disabling. We hope for the newsletter and events like the exhibition to inspire fellow patients, families and also others who may or may not be going through the same struggles in life to recognise and appreciate that chronic illnesses are not the be all and end all.

Enjoy the read and do pass it on to your friends! “I have a Chronic Illness, So Wad…” As many of our patients can stand test to, living with a chronic illness does not derail them from striving or achieving their hopes and dreams despite the odds!


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