issue 2

by The Editorial Team

Welcome, reader, to the first redesigned issue of The Dreamcatcher, a quarterly publication for the National University Hospital’s peer group for youths living with varied forms of childhood chronic illnesses.

When we were first approached by the hospital’s social work department to put out an issue of essays and opinions by the end of October, we knew it was going to be a monumental task to turn an in-house newsletter into a professional publication over a short period.

We thought optimistically about the potential of a publication like this. Today, we envision the ideal role a socially conscious publication could play in our society, to serve the greater good of improving the lives of people living with chronic illnesses and of people living with mobility issues.

In this issue, you’ll see how the creative process of an art exhibition has catalysed many from the group to think in metaphors and analogies.

Just as importantly, we hope to get able-bodied citizens involved, and to think hard about creating an all-inclusive society. We spoke to Benjamin Png and Tang Kar Wai, two social workers whose goal every morning is to make a change on a personal or policy level for patients.

Since meeting this issue’s editorial contributors from NUH’s peer group, we’ve been inspired to work harder to achieve these goals, and they’ve excited us with the possibilities. They have gone through more challenging tasks than we can ever imagine, and they’ve beaten greater odds to come this far in their lives.

Can you see, then, the possibilities they’re going to achieve with this new publication?

For the upcoming issues, we’re going to throw them and our future contributors more challenging tasks. To encourage national discussion, we’re going to ask them to think like journalists, designers, creative writers and field photographers so this magazine can inform, entertain and provoke. We hope to uncover amazing stories, address controversial issues, and surpass creative milestones. And in doing so, we want them to be equipped with these skills and move on to other challenges with a renewed sense of confidence.

With everyone’s involvement, we can, like our peer group, surpass just as many monumental odds.

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