Even in Illness, Rewards Are To Be Gained

issue 2

by Sarah Tan

Everything happens for a reason, and I would have been better off without this “end-stage kidney failure”. I would have been better off without the arsenal of medication. I would have been better off without my dialysis.

It would have saved me and my family the trouble, let alone, the financial burden. Everything costs money and needless to say, my illness, with its long receipt of treatments and medications, just piles on the costs.

But there must be a reason why I was born with it and why my family has had to bear this burden. In this difficult time, my family and I have learnt to overcome obstacles together as a unit. And in the process of treatments and programmes, I have built new friendships.

I have met fellow teenagers and adults who are dealing with the same condition. I have built a network of support with other diabetics who carry on to achieve great things in their lives.

Then there is my mother, a woman with a kind heart who is always willing to help. And like my father, she constantly reminds me that she is happy for who I am.

She’s a woman who gets along with people, who helps the other mums at the hospital order medicine, a mother who gives support to parents no matter where they’re from and a mother who becomes their friend.

She has helped me grow into a stronger person and gives me the freedom to make the big decisions regarding my health and my life.

In all, my condition has allowed us to learn from others together. And on my own, I’ve been fortunate with the support and encouragement from my family. With God’s grace and to his credit, good friends and kind people have been led into my life.

And so I keep saying to myself, “Everything happens for a reason.”

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