Merry the Goldfish

issue 1

by Zoe Ng

Merry is just an ordinary Fantail Goldfish. Although Merry is a very common but she had big wishes. Some of which are very ridiculous. Merry had three wishes.

Merry’s biggest wish was to take the MRT. Merry thought that it’d be very fun as she would be the odd one out. Merry told her mom this wish. But her mom told her it’s impossible as she wouldn’t be able to survive without water. Of course, Merry felt dejected.

Merry thought about her second wish, which she told her brother about it, which is to fly! Merry loved flying. She loved the clouds and blue sky. Again, her brother told her that it’s impossible. With the same reason: She wouldn’t survive without water. Although they thought that her dreams are impossible, Merry didn’t give up dreaming.

Her third wish is to be contented with life. Because if she is contented, she would be happy with everything and when she is happy, people around her would be happy too!

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