Artist: Nur Razila Razali
Mentor: Lee Wanxiang
Title: Peek
Medium: Paper and various objects on wood

Life is a change.
Living is a change.
One day, someone passes.
One day, someone gets hurt.
The following, someone cries.
The next, someone smiles.
Thus, everyday is a new day.
Everyday, we live.
What changes is how you look at things.
And when you look,
You reflect.

Peek is a visual archive of the little changes and significances that took place in the life of the artist in April 2018. A paper house memorialises the fragile brevity of each day. The artist invites the viewer to peek into each house – some days are empty while other days are filled with colourful memories. One is left to consider the meaning they may discover within the houses.


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