Braving the Storm


Artist: Sarah Tan
Mentor: Lee Wanxiang
Title: Braving the Storm
Medium: Hand-drawn animation, cork board with drawings

Created with digital sequences of pencil drawings and watercolour on tracing paper, the artist’s first attempt at a short animation captures a raw authenticity which she feels best embodies who she is at present.

Braving The Storm is meant to be a visualisation of a poem written by her. It reflects how self-loathe and self-doubt can overwhelm and weaken one’s being and her journey towards overcoming it. These negative ‘encounters’ are personified by a dark shadow which symbolises how powerful the feeling of despair can be.

In the midst of the storm, remembering the good things about herself has transformed the despair into self-love. She also wants the viewer to empathise and understand that such despair can take hold of anyone. While these voices still grip her from time to time, she hopes to break out of it eventually and also inspire others to do the same.


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