Artist: Satya Anand, Preetvaan Singh Narula, Rayna Tan
Mentor: Noor Iskandar
Title: Buaian
Medium: Mixed media, photo transfer on wood

Buaian in Malay, refers to a swing-like cradle typically slung by ropes or chains. The mixed-media artwork stemmed from our first reflective session where one of us lamented the loss of an iconic swing at the hospital’s playground. This triggered our explorations on the condition of change and constant in our journey; wherein the Self becomes an evolving shelter, a home.

The artwork reflects the swing nestling the bodily universe of ourselves. The structure atop the base personifies unique journeys such as the Self as temples, as mountains, as shifting bridges. In these houses, images of memories and symbols are embedded as skin.

Buaian also connotes the idea of a daydream or a slumber. With this, we looked at expressing ourselves through poetry— reveling on dreams, hopes and nostalgia; an introspection toward the notion of metamorphosis.

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