Emboldened Through Adversities


Artist: Siti Rasyidah Bt. Lokman Hadan
Mentor: Mary Bernadette Lee
Title: Emboldened Through Adversities
Medium: Mixed media

The different elements used in my art represents Me just as the many facets of my personality make me the person that I am today.

The clay in particular represents how I am not very flexible but can be moulded. Once dried, I can no longer be tempered with. Adding water to soften would be in vain.

Cracks, dents and scratches are inevitable through the test of time. But with a layer of paint, I can be refreshed.

To me, metamorphosis is a process of being broken, picking myself up, losing ‘pieces’ of myself, and trying to put myself back repeatedly. My life is an amalgamation of
events and changes where I am largely not in control but ironically has enabled me to be alive. But to live is a choice. Now I realised, maybe more than before, having and making conscious choices is the way forward.

My work is me, I am my work. The process, the thoughts, the end product, All of it.

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