Poem: Rivers In You



Dearest mother,
You may be gone physically,
But I am not alone,
For I know your sweet smile,
Is watching over me, guiding me to go on,
With courage and determination

Rocky paths and hardships,
In every step of life,
The feeling of hopelessness,
I hate it all
I rage, I glaze, I want to scream
Yet, I have to be strong,
To battle on and survive,
And emerge victorious

Rays of sunshine
Gently embracing my feet
Covered in soft grains of sand
Taking steady footsteps along the shore
Filling me with bliss and hope
To take on the world


Dear Fear,
How do I know you? Did we meet from an unfortunate incident? Or we never met before? I wonder why do you exists. Will my life be happier without you? Are you limiting from fulfilling my dreams? How are you so powerful as to paralyze me and enslaving me in my mind? I am your prisoner. How do I overcome your hold on me? I need to get rid of you.

Dear Freedom,
You are someone that I yearn for. I really want to be more than just acquaintances. I really do. Why do we let circumstances keeps us apart. Is it something that I did? Do you know that the moments that I had with you are the best times that I had? I will always cherish them now that I do not get the chance to meet you. I need to see you more often.

Dear Faith,
I have never seen you before. Sometimes, I feel like you do not exists. But somehow I need you to keep me going through the dark times. I need you to feel that things will get better in the near future, that there is still hope out that. Still, you disappointed me. Time passes and nothing much changed. In fact, they get worse sometimes. It makes me not believe you. I need to believe in you again.


Karada ni fureru Kawaita Kazena
Meneni Shimi Ta
Hikari no Chini Sana e Kanasa Yu
Te on Kazasu kazasu
Passion is lighting me up
Nothing to bring me down
Thou there’s Light
Hope is still found.
Under the challenging storm

To poke, not to poke.
One man’s antidote, another man’s poison
Tube is connected, Butterfly is activated
Saline starts to flow.
Pupil starts to constrict.
Pulse starts to blow, sharper gradient forms
The worst 30 minutes of my life
But it will never end
Any time soon.

Frozen heart, red as blood
Embrace yourself tonight.
The hidden potential unleashes
My second self is telling me
Thou life is short
Melting point is a criteria.
Droplets trickle, base is wet.
I am Liquid, Movement resumed


If I don’t stand under the spotlight anymore, If my name don’t appear on the news and the perfect me you used to picture is no longer there, would you still love me the same?
Because not every sunset is a goodbye, even dawn breaks to a new beginning.
I’ll be here still so take my hand if you dare and let’s go seek an adventurous journey together.
Oh, Will i still have your heart babe?

Honestly I’m not sure anymore of what I want. Everything seems to be lost in a blur and I wonder if I’m lost or my purpose here is no longer needed, being upset is all I feel these days and tears seems to make an escape every time I blink my eyes.
Tell me what you see cause I can’t do this forever. Time won’t stop for anyone, flowing through like the river and somewhere there’s me in it struggling to stay afloat will you save me from this undertow of emotions.
So tell me, in my darkest of nights, would you love me the same?

I have so much to tell you but I’ll keep it for now, I’ll wait until you’re decided yourself. Know that whatever you decide on will depend on you. I can just hope that you’ll choose to try this journey with me. No matter what happens though, I’ll still be your friend – that’s for sure.
If I go away now, would you still love me the same?


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