Rivers in You


Artists Sudhakar Akkipeddi, Benedict Lee Zhi En, Tang Jing Heng Benjamin, Inda Suryana

Ages 21, 23, 18, 24

Medical conditions End-stage renal failure, Renal transplant, Haemophilia, Renal transplant

Mentor Muhammad Noor Iskandar Binte Othman

Medium Mixed media, installation

Rivers in You birthed from the attempt at translating the themes of life into an art installation. The artwork encompasses the emotional terrains; Fear, Faith, Freedom of four budding artists under the guidance of their mentor; how they interpret, express and reconcile them. Stemming from an image-based process, the artwork evolved into an immersive experience of visuals, conceptual ideas as well as using poetry and personal objects. Rivers in You hopes to ignite the idea to the audience that there are rivers flowing within us parallel to our journeys that cross streams and inspire but at the end of the day, we are each with our own experiences and attachments.


For the poems in the bowls, please click here.

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