Sprout – A New Beginning


Artist: Glande Yap
Mentor: Calvin Pang
Title: Sprout – A New Beginning
Medium: Coffee filter paper, wire, food colouring, coffee powder and glass beaker

The broken beaker represents my dream, the career in Science I have always wanted but
couldn’t pursue due to my illness. It left me despondent and lost for a period before I met
my benefactor who is my current boss. He was willing to look past everything and offered me a job in coffee-making despite my lack of experience. The coffee grounds spilling from
the broken beaker represents my budding career now as a barista, sprouting a white rose
from beneath. White represents a new beginning and I believe my new life in coffee-making can bring me as much satisfaction. I wish everyone would have faith in themselves, even when times are hard. Because you never know when a white rose will appear for you.


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