Through the Abyss


Artist: Nurul Halizah
Mentor: Lee Wanxiang
Title: Through the Abyss
Medium: Photography, found images and markers collage on paper

The artwork consists of 3 collages made from found images and photographs taken by the artist. It pieces together mixed feelings of tension and hope since she started her dialysis. This new journey is mirrored in her attempts to express herself through art and images.

The first piece depicts a mask worn to cover up her true complex feelings from others where she feels the need to ‘be happy’. The second piece captures the obstacles in the abyss which she feels she has sunk into because of the changes in her life. She is still in the process of learning and adapting to this new self. In the third piece, she emerges in a self portrait with words of hope for her future. She is slowly revealing her true self which has been kept within for a long time.


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