Through the Years


Artist Zoe Ng

Age 19

Medical condition Paraplegia

Mentor Tan Jia Hui

Medium Paper on canvas

‘Through The Years’ is about the artist reminiscing the local arts scene, past and present. Since her teens, the artist has enjoyed watching local theatre and music. Various elements have been selected to convey how some of these iconic places are represented in her mind. From the ‘night owl’ for the St James Power Station, to how the Esplanade has ‘taken flight like a bird’ to becoming a platform for different artistic performances and the National Stadium, a space where pulses race during sporting and music events and can make you ‘sweat and cry’.

In her heart, she wishes she can revisit the past, the Singapore National Theatre, relish in ‘xinyao’ (Singapore songs) and old Malay films. And as she does this, she believes that if one takes the time to slowly discover the hidden gems around us, one can appreciate the richness of the present moment. Truly an old soul beats within a young heart.


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